chili and a (Cubs) cookie cake 

First of all, the Cubs just won game one in round two of playoffs! Second of all, we hosted our first dinner party with all our new dishes! This was our third time hosting people (meaning me cooking for other people), and it was so fun. We invited Erica and Josh and Jordan and Beck for a Friday night of food and connecting!

 I made chili and a goat cheese and fig salad with an apple cider vinegarette. I asked Erica to bring dessert and she brought a Cubs cookie cake and I can’t imagine a better dessert! 

We caught up around bowls of chili while   the guys watched the Cleveland Indians win their first game of the second round of playoffs, too. Then we ended our night all six of us on our sectional, answering hand-picked questions to facilitate conversation and connection between couples. We talked about how to best make our significant other feel loved, any new Christmas traditions we want to start, and two of our favorite dates we’ve had with each other. 

Sweet and filling night with lots of leftovers! Cute Halloween decor from my mom and Grandma Barb!


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