My new favorite things are home-days, staying in, only leaving the apartment to workout. Twinkle light pumpkins on, apple pumpkin candle lit, worship music (or Netflix) on in the background.

Home-days are recharging, restoring, full of rest. I get longer time in the word and in prayer. I can still get things done (like clean or cook or email or study) but I’m home, here, and cozy.

Errands are necessary but so are home-days. And I need a mix. Last week was a few days spent in the Loop at Secretary of State and Social Security Administration and Chase bank. Necessary errands, but not cozy places to be. So those errands, then a home-day. This week I had an all day training course for Early Intervention and helped out in my new job’s (!) therapeutic preschool. I loved it, and was energized and thankful for it, and am super excited to start work, but I know I’ll still need my home-days.

How do people do 8-5 jobs? This week I prayed for a new way for encounter God and find productivity with my rest among working Monday-Wednesday. I may need to wake (even) earlier to get some prayer time in.  Home-days may need to turn into home-weeknights; and creating restful evenings.

I am more and more realizing my introverted tendencies and more and more giving them what they need: silence, stillness, rest. It is from that silence, stillness, rest that I am energized. NOT by errands and the gym productivity and preschool (although I love those things!).


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