Marriage, days 1 through 27–
Day one was reading our vows to each other while standing under ivy with our grey and blue bridal party surrounding us, singing “Spirit of the Living God come fall afresh on me” as we shared communion while looking out to the blue water, my veil blowing everywhere, dancing in the back of the trolley, four champagne toasts by four dear friends, and eating dinner under pale pink flowers, dancing with friends. 

Day two was waking up next to each other for the first time, coffee and cuddling and napping, eating our wedding cake in bed. 

Day three was a 4:30 am early morning, with my dress and his suit hanging on the luggage cart as we met my mom in the lobby, Summerhouse breakfast in Terminal 2, finding a beach side cabana, room service club sandwiches and an early bedtime because we were just that tired. 

Day four was a humid and (too) high intensity workout, room service breakfast on our infinity-pool porch, sitting in the pool, self-induced heat exhaustion with a pounding headache and nausea, phone calls home to brother-in-law doctor. An in-room doctor visit with a anti-inflammatory and anti- nausea two-in-one shot, feeling thankful when symptoms decreased. 

Day five was taking it easy, lots of water, mostly shade, dips in the Caribbean Sea, and leaving the beach early for naps in the AC. Googling if rose gold rings can go in the ocean, then realizing they cannot, a Mexican fiesta on the beach, ending the night sleeping early and taking up only half of the king size bed. 

Day six was reading Hosea in bed, a 30 minute gym workout, then omelettes and french toast and coffee and mimosas on our patio, laying by the sea and swimming every 30 minutes, shade for him and sun for me, beach-talking about our glorious wedding weekend, our favorite parts, our sweetest moment, and ending our night with caprese salad and minestrone and tiramisu.

Day seven was ice cream at lunch, more spf 100, ending the beach day in shade, sharing The Meaning of Marriage, margaritas and fajitas but going back to the Italian restaurant just for tiramisu. 

Day eight was attempting kayaking, candlelight dinner on the beach, thinking all our clothes smell like mildew, walking the pier, dancing to our first dance song, and cannolis.

Day nine was sleeping in later than normal, sitting in cabanas in the rain, pool piggybacks, enjoying the reprieve from the clouds, one of us following the bears game closely. 

Day ten was more sunscreen, more coffee, thunder with light sprinkles, one of us winning in life-size checkers, realizing selfies are our only hope at pictures, falling asleep to friends.

Day eleven was a jog to breakfast, one of us finishing meaning of marriage, accidentally and casually ordering three desserts, ping pong with one of us using a sunscreen bottle as a paddle as an equalizer. 

Day twelve was (free) massages by the ocean, a back-to-bed nap, creating a poolside shade-haven with our lounge chairs right next to each other, the other one of us finishing the meaning of marriage. 

Day thirteen was an early ride to the airport, Starbucks at the terminal, watching Crazy Stupid Love on the plane, taking the Blue Line home, coming into an apartment with at least 20 cardboard boxes, and our first night in our grey and white bedroom. 

Day fourteen was waking up to our own self-made to do lists: calling credit card companies and insurance companies for Sanjay, laundry for me, then unpacking our suitcases and gifts and collapsing many many cardboard boxes. 

Day sixteen was our first day back at church, lots of hugs and catching up and loving being back, and our last pool double date of the summer. 
Days seventeen through twenty-six were gym workouts, returns, crock pot meals, slow mornings, job applications, phone interviews, to do lists, thank you notes, overnight oats, scrambled eggs, changing my name, learning the effect of all word formations and tones. 
Here I am at day twenty-seven. Candle is lit, wrapped in a blanket, gallery wall hung. This weekend marks one month of marriage. Marriage is wonderful. We love living together, being a team, coming home to one another. So thankful. 


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