God’s will is greater than my preferences 

This weekend. We had a good friends wedding in Ohio in her backyard on Lake Erie. We were grateful to celebrate them, but to be honest we weren’t super-thrilled about our 5.5 mile drive east from Chicago. 

We car-pooled over with Bob and Josh and car-pooled back with Bob and Allison. 

It was three weeks before our wedding (!) so I slept on the hotel cot with four of my close friends from small group, and Bob and Sanjay stayed in a separate hotel. I was grateful to have friends to stay with, but again, to be honest Sanjay and I longed to be able to stay together! Yet, our girls night sleepover was wonderful! In the morning Lea woke up and wanted to start her morning with her bible so we went downstairs and sat outside with our bibles and prayed before I left. 

The car ride back we had fellowship with Bob and Al and streamed a church service in the car. The message was given by a Christian psychologist on stress and connecting. So neccessary and helpful and true.  You can’t even plan for things as joyous as this! Praise God! 

Sometimes plans seem blah or un-fun. Sometimes plans or to-do lists loom. Yet God shows up even when our initial selfish desires/preferences are not met. God shows up in five hour car rides and five girls in one hotel room. 

This is engagement, and it’s sweet. It is still very sweet. 

And the wedding was beautiful– the sunset over the lake, cupcakes, champagne toasts, swing dancing, being reunited with my bridesmaid from Maryland. We ended the night dancing in our whole large group. And Sanjay is so handsome. Three weeks to go and a full heart. 


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