engagement gratitude 

In my post a few back on discontent, I decided to begin a draft to facilitate gratitude in my heart for this season.

When Sanjay has work to do but then says “Let’s eat outside at Happy Camper”.

Veil-borrowing, from Casey and Emily who graciously let me trial their veils. (I went with one my mom found online!) 

Band shopping on Jewler Row. Me getting the same band as one of his good friends from Etsy and him shopping for my engagement ring at the same jeweler as one his best friends!

Becoming regulars at Burger Bar, telling our server “It’s just because this restaurant is so close to Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn and Bed, Bath, and Beyond”.

When Sanjay works from home and I get to come over.

Organizing Sanjay’s room and finding/sorting his “miscellaneous bags”.

Emily N sending a “just because” card to remind me to be content.

Lillian sending me a hug-card and morganite gem during her own wedding week just to send me a hug and some love.

Traveling together to Lansing (x2), Holland, Traverse City, Wheaton, Hinsdale, Ohio, and Boston.

Driving home from Lansing in the middle of a backed-up snowstorm and getting th email from Joe that he will marry us.

Hosting our first dinner party with make-your-own pizza, and hosting our first brunch with Baked French Toast and an egg casserole.

Attempting lasagna (not as good as Meg’s) and learning to let it cool before cutting into it.

No more bacon wrapped dates.

Listening to our first dance song for the first time together and both tearing up. (Song is a surprise)!

Indian food with his parents in Downer’s Grove and peaking in on an Indian engagement party just because.

Eating pistachios with his parents in a recliner chair under a blanket. 

Road trips to where Sanjay began letting me drive while he worked.

Running errands for Meg to help her with last-minute items when she hosts amazing family get-togethers. 

When Sanjay asking Meg how he could prepare for the graduation party, and Meg giving him the chore of sweeping cobwebs off of our porch. 

Sanjay shopping for his own wedding shoes and doing a great job.

Cancelling food tasting just because.

45th Parallel breakfast dates outside.

Praying out our stress.

Showing Sanjay TC– from my running routes to my lake to my favorite trails.

Beach Bums game with my mom; cracking up at my mom’s jokes.

When we randomly say “that’s going to be one of my vows to you” as we are writing our own vows.

Sending Sanjay downstairs to start stuffing envelopes (all by himself) and reminding him “Don’t shove them in and rip the envelope”.

When I found out I didn’t get the job (after two interviews) that would have been a dream-job to me. But then Jonelle called from Maryland to say she was sorry for me, pointed me to Psalm 62, and said what I needed to hear; that God knows more.

Cubs game date and Sanjay telling me each players salary, what the pitching speeds mean, and that lefty pitches strike out lefty batters. 

Our love for salsa chicken. 

Finding the Restoration Hardware roof with Meg and showing her Happy Camper. 

When the world became scary, with many shootings. So Sanjay and I prayed for the world, prayed with our church, and had the the opportunity to distribute communion at our church. We just all need Jesus and need to pray in this time.

When the to-do list became so much, never-ending, and Sanjay and I realized we needed no-wedding-errands and no-wedding-talk days; which were just glorious.

The “What are the 3 things you’re most thankful for today to thank God for?” question we learned in marriage prep.

Iced coffees (always) from Goddess & the Grocer before marriage prep.

When one of his friends told me I could pass for half-Indian.

Filling out and discussing our “needs” assessment from marriage prep, feeling our hearts just melting together. 

When we learned Sanjay is good at making smoothies! “Love, want a smoothie? Can I make you a smoothie?”

Our first chicken-in-a-crockpot adventure. 

Kanela Breakfast Club. Monkey bread. 🙈. 

Finding our favorite spots on his large L couch to do work separately. 

Our many (many) trips to and from The Tie Bar.

When Sanjay magically found the last two ties we needed hanging on the wall at The Tie Bar.

When Sanjay showed me the last four ties he bought and realizing they were the wrong ones. Just slightly thicker seersucker stripes! Who knew?

Sanjay treading water in his pool while I sat beside on a towel. 

Combining all our things, bit by bit. Combining our shoes, our medicine cabinet, our phone cords, our hats. His and hers, his and hers. 

Realizing our different preferences for opening boxes and communicating them, leaving us 😳. I want to flatten and take downstairs, he likes to be calm and wait. 

Engagement pictures x2 (Chicago and TC).

Sanjay getting baptized and bravely giving his testimony in front of church, (and letting me re-organize his testimony the night before).

Roof-sitting on a Tuesday night. With shakes from Bobtail. 

Sharing our family/friends/worldly prayer list to Sanjay, and then praying off of it together. 

Getting that mahogany, bulky, furniture out! 

Painting his bedroom walls graceful grey. 

Frolicking around Restoration Hardware with heart-eyes.

Morgan changing her mind on most things. Did I really register for that? I think I want a different color. Maybe Crate and Barrel has one cuter. Let’s use our merchandise credit for bins! Sanjay being so patient and helpful through it all.

Sanjay’s new joke is saying “What’s a _____?” when doing chore-like things. 

Reorganizing our things into our new furniture, and poor Sanjay having to ask where I put things. 

Extending box-grace. Which means, bring okay with not breaking down boxes right away. 

Our wonderful Ahluwalia shower with feta and pita and red velvet cake. 
When our moms both got us the same quilt from Pottery Barn. 

 Using our guest passes at the pool with Emily and Patrick for an afternoon of puppy chow and fruit salad. 

That 5.5 hour long car ride with Bob and Allison, and celebrating Beck and Jordan. 

Practicing our first dance in front of Jonelle and Meg and accepting the critique of “Have you filmed yourselves? You look kind of stiff.” 

A crazy, tearful, stressful last 3 weeks with never-ending to-do lists and errands, but have my mom and Sanjay help me out immensely. 

When Jonelle joyfully hand-lettered or table names in her fancy cursive and Casey made us our beautiful ceremony programs. 

Our last beach day with Meg at Empire Beach, with swimming in the waves and our monogrammed towels. 

45th Parallel Cafe again and again. 

Bachelorette/Bachelor parties the same day, feeling so loved. 

So many little, wonderful things among this season.

–I finish this post a week after our wedding as I currently laying by the Caribbean Sea with my husband. Our wedding was bohemian and magical and perfect. From rehearsal dinner at the top of the Park Place to our beach-front  rooms at Bayshore, to mimosas at Allure, to the perfectly blue-skied and sunny day. We read each other our vows and sang worship songs hand in hand. It was wonderful and special and amazing. I don’t want to do those eight months again, but it was worth it. 

So thankful! 


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