inviting people in 

On Saturday, Sanjay and I had our first little dinner party. We had Mike and Rachel over for homemade pizza and Scattergories. We are in the middle of our registry, so we have some things, but not all things. Currently lacking our dinnerware and potholders and the rest of our silverware set (4 of everything as of now). Sanjay almost burned himself taking out the pizzas and by the time we got to dessert we were fork-less and plate-less. Oh well!

The best part of all was that Sanjay’s building is replacing the blinds in every unit, but our blinds have been siting here like this for weeks. 

But we had people over anyways, because no one cares! No one cared that we ate on the couch and had to use paper towel to eat dessert because all the plates were dirty. No one cared, and that is awesome. 

We used these questions we were given from the church marriage retreat to encourage conversation and closeness between couples. We talked about if we felt suited for our jobs, a question we would want God to answer, and what we love most about our significant others. We finished the night with Scattergories and cake balls. Thankful for fellowship and gathering together and for all that havarti cheese. 

And our day before the dinner: it was a non-wedding planning and non-errand day. Running and brunching and tennising only. Also, Sanjay took a pre-dinner party nap. He is just so cute. 


2 thoughts on “inviting people in 

  1. PJACQUS says:

    That’s how he naps?!

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