My mom and cousins and dad came in from Michigan to watch me graduate. It was sunny and the sky and water were both blue and our graduation hats seemed weird. It was a wonderful day. 

I got to catch up with classmates and professors the day before when we went back to school to get our gowns and tams. Then I frolicked around Streeterville and Michigan Avenue all weekend with my mom, Kass, Courtney, Cole, Kinsey, and Sanjay. 

Thankful that this place prepared me and taught me class by class and clinical by clinical to be a physical therapist. Crazy! Now I’m sending out my resume and researching jobs and praying to God to open doors. Yet also praying for peace and to be content among the unknown. It’s an odd feeling. My 11-week study schedule starts Monday. 

Praises for the NUPT class of 2016, for supportive family and friends, and for this dream-school of mine.  

And to my mom– she was with me through it all. Phone calls as I walked, prayers via text and over the phone, all the tears, telling her all my grades and what was stressful. She supported me firmly all the way from Traverse City and I so appreciate her help and encouragement. Mom, you’re the best!



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