I sing in the shadow of your wings 

Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings. I cling to you, your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:7-8.


Sometimes, I truly feel like I song in the shadow of His wings. I feel an unshakeable and joyful peace in my God’s presence. Praise God for His nearness and His presence and that He is a speaking God who just loves us. Who just loves me. Me.

Other times, I am extremely shakeable. Our pastor told us last month that some people say they are extremely patient as long as no one gets on their nerves. Me too! I am extremely grounded and full of peace when I walk slowly through my well planned-out days and when my to-do list stays pretty short. But when something goes wrong or things pile on and on, I break. My spirit breaks, goes crazy, doubts, questions, cries. Being on the verge of tears is a sign to me that it’s-all-too-much. But then I think to myself why can’t I handle this. I should be able to handle this. 

The bottom line is that days are going to be hard; some harder than others, some easier than others. Chicago gets cold and days at work can get long and patience can run thin and we can get tired and our loved ones can accidentally hurt our feelings. So all I know what to do is take each and every thought, emotion, fear, worry to our God. Sometimes; I’d rather call my mom or Sanjay and vent, or just cry; but I am learning the power and peace that come from taking it right to God, giving Him my heart, and letting His presence be a shield.

I want to seek Him to make me unshakeable because of Him and who He is. 


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