I didn’t blog for the past 13 weeks because I was incredibly busy, But it was a time I really needed to be blogging.

I hear a voice that speaks lies of fear and worry and stress. It comes and goes, but lately it has been a loud voice. It is consuming and traps me in fear. I need to choose to not hear it; and when I do hear it; I need to acknowledge its false-ness by remembering my God’s true-ness. His truth, His power, His presence all overcome the lies.

I’m not a good enough fiancé.

I’m not a good enough student.

I’m not a good enough daughter

I’m not a good enough sister. 

I’m not a good enough small group leader.

Then come the secondary lies and voices of shame of why all the above are happening:

I’m not calm enough.

I’m not trusting God enough.

I’m not organized enough.

I’m not disciplined enough.

I’m not capable of treating pediatrics. 

I’m not selfless enough.

I’m not serving enough.

I’m not giving enough.

I’m not praying enough.

I’m not reading the word enough.

I’m not content enough.

The list can go on an on.

What is enough anyways?

This is a scary voice to hear; even scarier voice to believe. You don’t actually believe the voice do you? Yes, I often do. Until I truly claim the promises from God that I am His beloved daughter with the Holy Spirit living inside me. Until I claim the truth that I am loved by Him and forgiven for all my sins and not saved by my works. Oh yea, those promises. Let’s read them, write them, memorize them, pray them, believe them. They are true, and they bring his transcending peace and unshakeable strength.

I am who I am because of Him, not me. Praises for that!

I work through these thoughts daily. I need to do some serious scripture memorization as swords of the spirit to combat these lies. Prayers for that. I know He is true and greater and more powerful. 


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