belize week 4: make Him known

This past weekend I caught up on my blog drafts and made one for week 4 without a title. I wondered what my week theme would be, what inside joke would become of the week. Sunday night or Monday morning during my bible time it came to me; the call to make God known. I had been praying for big and small things this whole time, but I hadn’t prayed to make Him known directly. I prayed for strength and courage and opportunity to make Him known. With one patient on Monday, probing questions resulted in her telling about me about her bible study group how they went through Proverbs and Gideon last weekend. God shows up. I peeled myself out of bed a little earlier this week to actually make time for bible reading prior to my day. I love the way it fills up my heart and sets me for the day. I found the day after that was just a little more Jesus-focused. That is what I need every single morning! 

I’ve been “ready to go home” since last Sunday. I think because all of a sudden it was week 4 and the work week loomed and I declared I was ready to come home. 

Week 4 was busy with lots of patients and long days and fun with the group. I saw some more kiddos who were severely disabled, learned treatment ideas from Lori, danced to karaoke as my friends sang, and got a ride home in the back of a pick-up truck. Then all of I sudden I woke up on my last morning with a heavy heart and a quiet house, just the Swiss girls and I. I came out of my room and hugged Michelle and cried. She cried too and said no more crying and then said “Morgan you’re unbelizeable”. Unbelievable. Unbelizeable. That is how to describe my time in Belize. Belize has been new, sweaty, itchy, scary, hard. But it has also been learning, growing, being still, being present. I did some scary things which I was proud of, including swimming in the sea by myself, jumping off the cliff, and lighting the oven from underneath.  

 To sum up my time in Belize in a paragraph, (instead of my 5 blog posts), Belize was a place on a hill where I spent the majority of my time in scrubs. I worked with med students and pharmacy students and saw patients. My heart hurt for some of my patients. At night, we always craved chocolate and lit candles and watched movies. I spent my mornings running and my favorite route was into town, by the sea. It felt good to be away from my busy life in the states and I loved it. Among joy and peace there is also messy brokenness. But life everywhere else still happened. We heard news updates of shootings…so many shootings.

I wondered how I would be away from home for a month, I wondered how I would treat patients in a foreign country and how I would be comfortable in a new place with new people. And God met me in my thoughts and prayers and provided people for me to click with and have fellowship with. Which was what I prayed for!

Jehovah-jireh, God provides. 


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