belize week 3: “I’ll jump with you.”


“I’ll jump with you”. That was all I needed to hear to jump off the cliff at Rio Blanco yesterday. Well, that and watching ten people in front of my jump continuously off the cliff. I got my courage from watching others, and when I said I think I need someone to jump with, Rachel said without hesitating “I’ll jump with you.” So yes, yesterday was our Belizean Culture day and we toured some Mayan ruins, learned to make tortillas, ate cacao seeds and jiba jaba, grounded corn, hiked and jumped in Rio Blanco, and lastly learned to dance to Garifuna drum music. 


 Patient care this week was busier and wonderful, I love treating patients in the breezy outpatient clinic. A volunteer preceptor just got here this week and she happens to be a pediatric clinical specialist. Such a God-thing. I get to learn from her these last two weeks, which is such an incredible opportunity. We already saw two pediatric patients and she taught me things, gave me tips on how to get children to do exercises. 

This week was Thanksgiving, my first Thanksgiving not spent with my family. We made our own Friendsgiving, which was delicious. I helped Lacey brine the turkey and I made sweet mashed potatoes. I really missed my family and being home!

My final full weekend in Belize– the group planned a packed weekend of traveling to Guatemala with two all-day excursions, one to some Mayan ruins and another to a cave. I knew that two all-day excursions were not something I would want to spend my money on, so I prayed about if I should go or not, and for another option. So last weekend I said something to Jenny about it, that we should stay here, and she agreed. She shares my love for lighting candles and laying in the sun and drinking coffee. So this is our Friday night– candles and Casting Crowns and a sermon and eating leftovers from Friendsgiving. My kind of night. And tomorrow we have plans for a long run and a breakfast cafe and sunshine. 

Saturday was slow-moving and I loved it. Well, most days here are like that. I love having no real plans, no schedule. We ran into town, love where it curves along the sea. We shopped at the market, walked through shops, ended on the porch of the Snack Shack for coffee and eggs. 

Then we wanted to have drinks and appetizers at this jungle resort down the road. The road was muddy so we started walking our bikes and I was literally getting stuck in my slippery flip-flops. A security guard from the resort came and tried to help me push my bike. It was not working, so he called a shuttle to come get us and we left our bikes on the road. At the beautiful resort, we drank mojitos and margaritas and chips and salsa and it was wonderful. Then we realized we needed a ride back to our bikes and it took quite a few phone calls before one of the Hillside drivers came to our rescue. We could not stop laughing. 


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