belize: my heart

Imagine going to a place where you take a break from your busy and packed life in Chicago and live off a dirt road on a hill for four weeks. In this new place, you run as the sun rises on hilly roads surrounded by jungle and tiny houses, you work with patients that fill your heart, you treat and hold Belizean children, you shop at the market by the sea, you live four miles from the Caribbean sea (which is both run-able and bike-able), you spend free time reading, praying, talking on the roof or the porch, and you build relationships with 11 new faces. Other less-important-but-still-wonderful things are that you drink instant coffee and eat instant oatmeal, you’re only responsible to cook dinner for 11 people once per week, your sheets are cleaned for you every Tuesday, you learn to compost, and you have movie nights with candles lit. 

This place for me is Belize. Praise God for my time in Belize. 


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