enter in

Tears are a way to enter in to each other’s hearts. It’s like a permission or a statement that doesn’t even need to be verbalized that “I am not okay or fine and my heart hurts”. Sometimes that sentence doesn’t come right out, but tears sometimes do, and tears say it for you. 

If something is heavy on my heart and then I go to church or see a friend who is really special (or both at the same time), tears may come. This happened on Sunday. I had some friends see the tears and come right over, and some made sure they hugged me before they left. Specifically, one friend asked me immediately how she could pray then told me how I could pray for her. And it was like we entered in to each other’s icky space of worries/fears/heaviness. But entering in brings God’s light in. Entering in, saying it out loud, admitting, asking for help, feeling someone holding your heart, it all takes the darkness away. For that, my heart feels joy, because there is joy in His presence, and He is ever-present with steadfast love. 


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