Third marathon in a year, endless long-runs, lots of gummies, five pairs of Nike Structures. Marathon weekend highlights– Jackie drove all the way from MN and Virginia came from the suburbs and we sat and ate chips and guac and pumpkin scones, finishing my 2-miler with Sanjay for Goddess and the Grocer coffee (my absolute favorite), the expo with Katie, group dinner at Franchesca’s, sunny warm weather, and ending the weekend at church and patio-eating with my mom and Sanjay. Oh yea, and the race. I was on pace for sub 3:10 through mile 17. Marathons are painful and long and I just about hated it from mile 17-25. I saw Jess on Surf street and Mom, Jacqus, Virg on Columbus and LaSalle, and Sanjay at mile 23, wherever that was. When I was done I was greeted by hugs and smiles and Ryan stretched me out at the Athletico tent. The race frustrated me. In reality, it feels like I spent a long time training and didn’t get the outcome I felt I trained for. Then I wonder, did I not train hard enough? Dangerous thought to entertain. Once I let go and gave myself grace, the marthon weekend was sunny and wonderful and I had legs that carried me 26.2 miles and wonderful friends and family who cheered me on. So thankful for a mom who watches me race after race and supports me so much in my love for running. So grateful for her! Choosing to celebrate that. Because my identity isn’t it running (or it partially is, and I have been/am continuing to pray for identity in Christ).

Excited for non-marathon training now, for a break of marathons until I do Boston (maybe 2017). Thankful for legs that allow me to walk and run, and for people that cheer me on in races and everyday life, the good and the bad. 



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