make the list

Lately, I was a little stressed out. By the lack of getting things done that needed to be done. And the unknown is scary and dark. So I brought all the scary and dark to-dos into the light by making a list.  

I was stressed about getting my Belize vaccines because I didn’t want to be stressed about it and it seemed silly and full of lack-of-trust and sweating-the-small-things. But it’s good to bring icky feelings and worries into the light, always is. So I told S and he reminded me that logistics can be stressful and just to make the appointment. Just make the appointment and don’t let the worries consume you until after the outcome of the appointment. He justified my worries yet also encouraged me to take action and let consuming thoughts go away. So I made the appointment and all is well. 

Then last weekend, I decided to get my life in order. I took out my gold journal (which was a birthday gift from a friend) and I made a life to-do list and a Belize to-do list and just starting checking things off. I think I needed something tangible, I needed it written-out and out of my mind. 

I also realized it is important to do life bit by bit as things come, and not put things on the back burner. Spiritually, too. God will keep working until they get brought to the front-burner anyways. Sometimes as things build up in my mind, this is when the stress comes, and I’m learning how it helps to take things out of the forefront on my mind and onto paper. 


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