this week 

My sweet and heart-filling week in pictures– 

Monday night lights watching Sanjay play softball. Al came and met me and we caught up in the bleachers. And I got hit by a ball. 

Tuesday Sanjay met me at 6:40 am to watch the sunrise on the cloudiest/foggiest day. So there was no sunrise. But a reminder that some days you just have to trust the truth that the sun was behind the clouds, you just can’t see it right now

And I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and I drank it under blankets on our couch. 

Wednesday my heart melted as it always does during small group. These girls hearts and minds and honesty and openness just get me. And we popped champagne to celebrate Jordan and Beck’s engagement! 

Thursday I made Breakfast Cookies, just because. 

Friday was our first day wearing boots (and a Patagonia!) as we ran off to our church to help set up for an event. The helping set up was more like we put rocks and flowers on tables and ate pita sandwiches and met some women at our church, which was all wonderful. 

Saturday it was my last long run of marathon training, Jess and I had eggs for breakfast (our usual), did fall things like buy a pumpkin and try a corn maze at the zoo,and Sanjay and I made bacon-wrapped dates to take to Jen/Allison/Leah’s dinner party. 

Sunday was hugs and hymns and communion Sunday and a sermon on His holy holy holiness and realizing the depth of our sin to realize the depth of God’s grace, and that our unfinished prayers are paired with God’s unfinished work (as in He is still working). And, I napped. So Sunday was truth and rest. 

Thankful for what fills my days, and for the underlying work of God in all I do. Thankful for His strength and energy all week, for the spaces He fills when we let Him, for the truth found in the word to seek Him as our armour and shield. 


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