my whole heart

Last weekend was my whole heart. I reference my heart a lot. I say that it melts and explodes and fills and bursts and is happy. Sometimes, it is just the only way to describe my joy! This past weekend was girls weekend. Emmer took the train from Kalamazoo and Danielle drove in from the suburbs. We met at Mon’s apartment on Fullerton and talked until 1 am while we ate pretzels dipped in icing and chips and salsa.

Our time together was slow and restful, ducking in cabs because it rained and we had zero umbrellas. We danced for hours in Old Town and ate salads on Mon’s roof and made our own Moscow Mules (without the tin mugs). We created time and space for God and prayer on Sunday morning without even meaning to, my favorite kind of God-moment. God is always among us.  Being back as us four was so comfortable and natural, my heart hurt when they left. Because I was reminded by the joy of deep,true friendship. These girls truly know me and love me. And we have grown into this little foursome since college. We stay in touch, regularly make weekends for each other, stand up in each other’s weddings, and pray for each other.We are in four different phases of life– married, engaged, corporate, nanny, graduate student, suburbs, city– yet we all still connect, perfectly and wonderfully. As four close friends who have my heart. 

Praises for these girls. Our friendship is gold. Words from Shauna Niequist –Friendship is acting out God’s love in tangible ways. 


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