Starting year three in the emerald city with a new apartment, new Chicago neighborhood, new clinical, new routine. New new new, among the sameness of having Jess near, Monica too, my small group loves, and our steadfast God. 

My moving verse became Phillipians 4:6-7; it’s a commonly known verse about not being anxious. But after a couple days of reading it over and over; something new stuck out to me. The part in verse 7 explains why we don’t need to be anxious — because God’s love transcends. Transcends. Love that word. This is why I can do hard things. I can do new things. I can do messy things. Sometimes (all the time) I need to remind myself of that. 

I was worried about moving logistics and I kept praying the timeline would somehow work out; having to be out by 9 am, in after 3 pm, on a Tuesday for my second day of clinical. Timeline didn’t change, but I had so much peace throughout and I realized I just needed to ask for help. I began to ask everyone I knew that may not have normal work hours and could help me out. My friend from school was able to come let my movers in! And I got out of work early to help them unload- it worked out so well. God’s peace transcended among my six days of packing and moving. 

Pictures from my new place — my cozy room, window views, and our roof. 


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