weddings mean dancing 

Last weekend we came from Chicago and New York and Cleveland and Traverse City to celebrate Blake marrying Amanda. By we I mean my cousins and brother from my wonderful mother’s side of the family, and by celebrate I mean dance. 

The ceremony was (of course) beautiful and special and sacred in a church downtown Detroit. In between the ceremony and reception, we went to Greektown. It was another one of those sacred moments you can’t plan for. We are hummus and feta cheese and drank 312 as we played Catchphrase from Casey’s phone. 

And the reception. We crammed 7 of us in the photo booth and danced to Honey I’m Good and Uptown Funk and Wobble. My heart was so full from my time with them. Specifically the five-hour car ride with meg and sitting/talking/laughing with Casey every chance we got. 

Weddings mean everyone drops everything and shows up. So weddings mean dancing and full-hearts. These four siblings, our parents our wonderful. I’m so grateful they let is grow up together and prioritized getting together over the years. 


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