M22 bliss

Home is familiar and safe and cozy. I got to spend 11 days wrapped in blankets, sleeping more than eight hours a night, drinking coffee (made by meg), traveling M22, spending every sunny day at the beach, and seeing my NoMI people. 

We went to some of my favorite beaches– Cameron’s beach on East Bay, canoeing down Platte River to Lake Michigan, Cedar Lake, and even Empire, Leland and Glen Haven on 55-degree days. 

And now for the in-betweens,  the things you can’t plan for, the sweet little moments that stick out among all else– porch brunch with Meg, Cedar lake coffee, dinner on Cameron’s deck, stopping at every-other bend on Platte River so the guys could fish, Leland day with Meg (our tradition), Katy cracking me up, Kilkenny’s night, scrambling with fireball with Meg, Lillian, and Lisa, Racko with Morgan, North-faces for the beach with Blake, and so much trail-laughing for Lillian and Ben’s engagement pictures.

And our time on Macinac Island was wonderful. We rode a carriage, had a three-hour dinner in the woods, and biked as a group of nine and I ran under the clouds and read Daniel and Psalms on our deck that faced the harbor. So grateful to spend time with my dear cousins and family. 


  Praise God for a place and people to call home, to be homesick for. Praise God for my time at home. It was bliss. 


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