city streets 

Heavy heart and I cannot explain these emotions. All I know is that I’m thinking about city streets that have become dear to my heart. Streets are just concrete and busy with honking cars, but the people on these streets are filling and wonderful and have become very important to me over the past year. I was reading one of Shauna’s books tonight (Bread and Wine), and she wrote something that describes exactly how I feel (as always). “You never know while it’s happening what will burn in your memory, sacred and profound. It seems like most of the things we try to make profound never are, lost in our insistence and fretting and posing.” And it was on these city streets where my hometeam grew and my most sacred memories have been made, through honesty and laughing and arm-linking and lots of walking.

Yesterday I found myself walking down Armitage street with my heart bursting of half-gratitude, half-sadness. Because yesterday we said goodbye to Jonelle and I realized how special this street is to my heart. It was on Armitage that I opened up my heart to my small group. Armitage was where I met with Erica week after week in Starbucks, talking and praying, navigating our minds and hearts in light of the gospel. Armitage was where Jonelle and I would walk to the 8 bus together, where I started staying later and later after bible study with these girls.

And, Waveland. Waveland is where Jen and I got through our first year, where we spent 44 lazy hours after one exam week, where I eventually moved in. Waveland is where Kali and I prayed before bed about being homesick and comparing ourselves to our classmates and asking for help with school. On Waveland I went to two Cubs games, learned to cook chili, biked to my clinical, and had an enormous grey and coral room with Anthropologie candles burning every night.

Erie and Superior were streets of stress, worry, and fatigue, because those are the streets where school and the library and the cadaver lab were. It was those streets where I learned and studied and drank a lot of coffee for the past two years. I don’t see myself going back soon, but we also had some hilarious times studying, napping on mat tables, safety failing, and getting points off for a wrinkle in our limb wrapping. Class just ended for forever and I have no emotion about it yet. All I can say right now is glory to God, and I absolutely couldn’t have done it without God, my mom, dear friends supporting me from different states/countries, and specifically my wonderful classmates – Jess, Ryan, Nicholas, Kali, Britt.

On the Lakeshore path I ran and ran probably hundreds of miles. I trained for a half marathon and three marathons on that path. My runs brought me very far north and south of the city at all different times of day– pre-sunrise, sunrise, morning runs, evening runs. I love my runs on this path, alone or with running buddies (Kat/Linsey!) Kat and I had special runs always with prayer requests, and Linsey kicked my butt every single run. Scott and I ran together for Run Club a lot during year one, and now he says he will run with me when we go to  Belize.

On Winthrop I watched the Bachorette and Friday Night Lights and studied a lot of neuroscience with Jess. It was on Winthrop where we read Genesis and prayed for strength regularly. Winthrop was a winter safe haven/shoe box, and a place of rest. We cooked a lot of eggs and avacado and tried many Ben and Jerry’s flavors. Jess and I became friends here day by day, lecture by lecture, prayer by prayer. Because God shows up!

Broadway is there street where I would Divvy to see Monica or go to church. I loved Divvy-ing late at night on the well-lit street– people out to dinner, walking, enjoying the city. Monica lived on Fullerton, and we sat on her roof as often as we could. Going to Monica’s was always refreshing to get a hug and her signature scent upon opening the door. I love that she moved to the city and now we are going to live together! Also, froyo with her became a regular thing. Clark is where church is, where my heart was filled and stretched and convicted and more. Clark is also where my future dream-clinical is. So I also love Clark street.

Delaware is where I learned to live alone, where God met me when I first moved, where I roof-sat, where my mom helped me move in and out and we went to the Cheesecake Factory sooo many times. Delaware is where I walked to and from class and the library and that apartment was the size of a walk-in closet. Delaware will always be special to me. My mom always stayed at the Raffaello and Drumbar became our favorite. And once I heard Kristin Cavalarri was at Nordstrom so I dragged my mom down Michigan Avenue to see her. (My mom is very amicable and supportive).

Thankful for these streets, this city, these people. Thankful that Jesus shows up and showed up on these streets. New street–>Diversey.


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