no more class, forever

Last day of class. Thinking back to day one, class was so hard. I think about some mornings during year one when I didn’t want to go back to class, and the times I cried walking to class, cried in the locker room, cried after class, cried in class. I think about the texts I got from Emily and my mom and Casey and Jackie saying “You can do it, hope your transition to Monday goes well, praying for you, love you”. The support I experienced during PT school was as strong as steel. 

A picture from the second day of class– we had no idea how hard it would be!

A picture from our last day of class– Glory to God for walking with me every single day! 

I don’t have any sadness or nostalgia (yet), probably because it’s now exam week-weekend, and I went straight from class to the library. At the library, Jess and I started studying for prosthetics, and Jess said “We’re just going for the basics here.”, and I couldn’t stop laughing. 

I’ve learned so much these past two years in my Emerald City. I’ve learned a lot about the brain (yay!). I’ve gotten to study so much about the field I want to work in, neuro rehabilitation, and I’m so thankful. I’ve come a long way from caring too much to almost not enough, in the best possible way. Because in reality, we don’t have to be perfect, mistakes are good to learn from, and grace is everywhere. I’ve learned to give myself grace. I’ve come to realize comparison is dangerous, and my identity cannot be in achievements. I’ve learned and am still learning that my worth and identity are in Jesus, not in my grades or papers or performance.  Praises for these two years of class (for the learning and surviving and that it is over). 

This was taken hours before our final exam; priorities, clearly:

This was right after: 


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