doing school in this city 

Monday I biked down Broadway to Mon’s roof. We got fro-yo and talked and laughed and said we were so grateful to live so close in this city. 

Tuesday I got fro-yo too, with Jess. And we sat outside on the street where class is and I said that we are going to look back and miss this. Even though we have assignments and lab and six hours sleep. We are going to want to hop back into this picture. So we are taking it all in, this whole grad-school-in-the-city thing. 

Also, we tend to have a lot of bags from going to the gym and carrying books (?), so this actually happened: 

I have no words. Backpacks are heavy. I was laughing so hard I cried. 

Wednesday I met Erica by the bean before small group while we listened to the youth symphony. My heart is so full from my dear Chicago friends. 

(Look, red white and blue!)

Thursday afternoon we practiced our compression wrapping skills before a  this-week-is-over celebrations with red wine and catching up on the Bachelorette and Friday Night Lights. 

This weekend– Jenna’s wedding, beaching for the fourth, and Sunday church. Praises!


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