my last first day of school 

Same routine of 5 am wake ups and running before 8 am class, with coffee in my thermos and cereal in Tupperware. It was nice to be back in the school schedule despite being a little tired because 5 am comes early. It doesn’t feel like it is our last trimester. I plan and hope to be intentional with this trimester and live relaxed among a to-do list, with lots of beach after class. 

The weekend before class started was filling and sunny and wonderful– beach and Breakthrough, time with Cole and Jonelle and my small group that made my heart happy. Breakthrough is always hilarious as we prepare the meal; people chopping peppers, stirring quinoa, peeling potatoes. Then we pray and serve the meal and talk with the men at the shelter. I always make a point to look around at my friends, seeing them laughing and praying and connecting, thankful for this sacred space created by a meal. And how Jesus and the Holy Spirit show up. Because showing up is good, always good. 

Thankful for this city and community. For this amazing school to learn, classmates who became friends, my small group who walks with me, Cole’s internship that brought him here, running by the water. Everything, love it. 


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