JACQUS comes home & lichty gets married 

Our second Lichty guhl got married this weekend. And we all showed up, except Katy.  Most importantly, Jackie flew in from South Korea and I hadn’t seen her in 1.5 years! Diana and I picked her up from the airport and heard stories the whole ride back to the city about her students, the language, the food; things that just aren’t texted. We ate pizza with sundries tomatoes and artichokes goat cheese breadsticks. Jackie got her Oberon again, finally. We walked through Oz Park and got lattes in Lincoln Park. We moved slow and Jackie was a champ running on two hours of plane-sleep. It was so good to be back with her, my dear college friend since we met our freshman year. Monica and Jess came to see/meet Jackie because that’s what friends do. We (JACQUS and I) ended our night dancing to Shut up and Dance which was pure bliss. Also, goodbyes were not necessary because  I saw  her the next weekend for Bae’s wedding. 

Now BAE’s wedding: we drank some UV blue and ate mini cupcakes and danced ALL night. Being back with Jackie again felt like breathing, SO SO grateful. There was more dancing and twirling to Shut Up and Dance. We slept at Morgan’s which felt like Caboose. That morning we had coffee and cinnamon  rolls before parting ways. Love how we can all grow separately without growing apart. 


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