traverse city 

Time at home in Traverse City fills my heart. My cousins and I pulled into our driveway around 1:30 am Thursday night and we caught up in the kitchen with our parents over green grapes. It felt so great to be home and then I slept in until 12:15 pm. After the wedding my mom and I had a “vedge day”. First we had our own bible and book time listening to Hillsong and Chris Tomlin, and then we watched Friday Night Lights on netflix for just a couple episodes. Or more like seven. We needed to just rest. The rest of our time was spent at our lake in the sun and catching up over dinners. The sun came out at the lake both days! My mom also grocery shopped with me and helped me pack up food. My mom is the most selfless and generous person and I’m so grateful for my time home with her. 

I love Traverse City dearly. I love my mom dearly. I love breaks and rest dearly. 

And also, back in Chicago: dinner at Summer House that ended in coffee and sharing our favorite chocolate chip sea salt cookie. (One there, one to take home). 


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