godly rest 

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need [hebrews 4:16]

Let us be confident in Him, rooted in Him, so we find His grace and acknowledge our need for Him. Question is, is my identity in God or my schedule, my grades, my mileage? Let Him help us sit in His peace and rest. 

Last Sunday our pastor preached on godly rest. He told us we are not defined by what we produce, and we are to add meaning  to our work to use God’s strength in our days. We are to rest in God among our to-do lists because the list will never be done. Godly rest is obedience to God which leads to life, and being busy and tired is disobedient to our call to rest. He told us to not check our emails and to watch Netflix. In Deuteronomy 1, the Israelites are ao close to the Promised Land of rest, but their fear overcomes them and causes them to disobey.  I’ve been a little busy and tired from eleven hour days, but I’ve also experienced some rest in Him. I’ve felt it experienced it, and I want more of this rest. My room has become a safe haven for me– something about the light streaming in my windows in the morning, my cozy bed, and the smell of my anthro candles. Godly rest, I’m learning, is resting in our identity in God among the busy, the circumstances, and the tiredness. Our pastor told us only true rest is found at the end if Jesus’ work not the end of our work. So good news– His work is done! He loves us so much and wants us to rest in His grace at His feet, to obey His call to rest. 

I’m realizing that I’m energized by time with my favorite people and by time with God. And last week/weekend was an example of that. Last week we had bible study in the park and talked about spiritual gifts from God; gifts that are the Holy Spirit working through us! We had a lot of “that’s so you”, and “that’s what I thought you would have”. So that night I got less sleep but it didn’t matter. 

And last weekend– I was feeling overwhelmed at the end of the day Friday and it was Monica to the rescue. We ate fro-yo on her roof as the sun went down, talking about things that are hard like clinical and jobs. Saturday I watched more Friday Night Lights (resting!) with Jess, then saw Cole’s new downtown apartment and we cheered on the Blackhawks for the win. So thankful he is here this summer in the city. And for dear Monica’s roof and heart. 


Monday I had the day off and a full to-do list. And Jess did too; the day off and a full to-do list, so we walked by the lake and made sweet potatoe muffins and watched the Bahelorette with red wine instead. Some of the best decisions. 

Rest is a gift from God, so are spiritual gifts and friends and the sun. I can’t go around being tired and busy. I want to be rooted and patient and brave and kind. Praying for more godly rest, to transform how I feel about it and how I live it out. 


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