full heart 

My heart is full. As soon as we got home, I went to the lake with my brother and he caught two fish. My happy and holy place; Cedar Lake. 

Friday night we had an impromptu pasta dinner for me, my brother, three Hope teammates, and my dear cousin. We stopped on the way home to get more food for everyone. We all sat around the table and talked and laughed before tucking into bed for pre-marathon sleep (for the runners and spectators). 

Saturday morning. 7:15 start. 26.2 miles on the same road, right by the water. Beautiful views, but oh-so-painful. I went out too fast, thinking I could hold it/be okay. I wasn’t. I slowed after the half mark. I averaged 7s on the way out and got to a point of pain and fear and hobbling. A spectator ran with me for half a mile in his jeans and boots, telling me I could do it. It was the sweetest and most helpful thing. My mom and Cam and Cole and Blake strategically saw me 5 times, and other friends of my mom’s came out to cheer too. My wonderful friends Lill, Ben, Katy, and Amanda made a sign and went 3 places but missed me each time. I saw them after and it was the thought that counted. 

We went from the race to the beach to the rooftop. Our big group of family and hope friends and high school friends. Everyone mixing together, finding things to talk and laugh about. And there was beer. 

Sunday we brunched after church, a Sutton’s Bay now family tradition. 

So yes, a full heart. I still love the concept of marathons, how it’s acceptable to ask for support during. What if we all woke up early and showed up and held signs for our people on days they needed it; long days, interviews, busy weeks, stressful plans. What if we all ran along side eachother even in jeans and boots? What if we nourished ourselves every 5 miles so we could be our most energetic selves. So thankful for my support and encouragement today, and everyday, from my people, my hometeam. Thankful for my time up north in TC. Little glimpses of heaven. 


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