clinging (week 3&4)

Last Sunday night I wrote out a prayer to pray every morning this week, about praying for open doors and windows for God’s glory. I prayed it Monday morning over my coffee. And I went to work and had a horrible day. Tuesday was even worse. I had a rough time with my patients, messing up on some techniques and instruction and sequencing and confidence and all the things. So yikes. I dislike feeling like I’m making mistakes, doing it wrong, not doing things as I should. Wednesday night my small group had a potluck dinner instead of a study and we all sat on the floor with paper plates and caught up. And these girls told me “You’ll get better”, “Be teachable”, and “Don’t let it rock your confidence”. That night Jess helped me practice my cues and my form, and she practiced some manipulations on me. And Thursday was a teensy bit better. I showed up, tried my best, and let myself be teachable and moldable. At lunch I had texts from friends that they were praying for me. 

So last week was hard. This week my theme is to cling. To abide in the vine. Because that’s all I can do among this time of new, hard, uncertain. 

I need to remind myself of these truths–

I can do hard things.

I can do new things. 

I can do scary things. 

I can be teachable and learn through mistakes.

I can rely on God for strength and peace. 

I can work 11 hour days. 

I can be rooted in God so that I will not be shaken. (Psalm 62)


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