home team 

I took the train to Kalamazoo this weekend to see two members of my hometeam, Emily and Austin. They are in a time of intermin and deciding where to live, move, and future jobs. Among other hard things like loved ones who are going through some sicknesses. And I come into town with a heavy heart from an exhausting week of work and not optimal news about my brother and feeling that I was letting people down. So what a pair! But we sat and talked and told the truth about all the crap. I slept in until 10:30 as I always get rest when I am with Em. I got to have a sleepover with her both nights (!) and we all drove to Holland for an evening on Lake Michigan celebrating one of Austin’s friends graduation from medical school. So we sat on the lake. With blankets around a bonfire. And it was a holy place to be in Holland with Em. I can’t describe it any other way. A safe haven of hope and beauty among these times of uncertainty and worry. That is God. That is Jesus. I’m so thankful for her as my consistent friend, always reaching and pulling and praying. I’m so blessed to be able to plan times to see each other as we do. Blessed with my home team.  


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