A Chicago Easter  

Easter Sunday has always meant church at St. Francis with our family and Cole’s, then brunch at the club, pictures with the Easter bunny. This Easter weekend fell on the weekend before finals, so I needed to stay here and study. I studied a lot, among also some sunny runs outside, a powerful Good Friday service, Panera with friends from  church, and Easter sunrise service. Church on a beach is my dream, my favorite things all combined to one. Because the lake always feels holy, and usually my runs by the water can feel like prayer and church. So church on a beach? Thinnest of thin places. 

 We huddled in the sand (a little chilly), and listened to Pastor Joe preach on John 20, how Mary Magdalene, a sinner who became Jesus’ friend, saught after Jesus. She found the tomb empty and cried because she didn’t know where Jesus was. We do this too. We cry when we can’t find Jesus and the world seems like an empty tomb, whether it is because of a fight with a friend, a scary circumstance, or feeling defeated. The tomb seems empty so we cry. I definitely do. But– Jesus comes to her and shows himself. He asks “Why are you weeping and who are you seeking”. He says her name, and then she recognizes Him. And is filled! He tells her to tell others the good news. And cling to His Holy Spirit (which is coming). Jesus says our name too. He calls us to seek Him and gives us hope so we do not have to weep from not finding Him. So on the Sunday of finals week, I was able to again feel and find Jesus in this city and in my heart as I studied all weekend and ate Easter M&Ms. Praises. 

Two friends, Emily and Jess, both gave me Easter baskets, which was so thoughtful of them! My mom sent me a sweet card saying only one week until I’m home. Feeling God’s presence in sunshine and friends and calls home among the studying. Still have 10,000 reasons to give God glory (and 10,000 concepts to study). 

Praises for Easter Sunday, that Jesus rose, that He fulfilled the scripturess, that He died so we may live. Praises that He gives us hope in a broken world, that we are to seek Him. 


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