10,000 reasons 

I just realized I said Praise Jesus to different people quite a few times today. I find myself drinking Emergen-C in my owl mug, drawing a comprehensive flow chart to organize my brain around lumbar spine pathologies, and I have Rend Collective Experiment speaking truth and grace into my ears. This week has been graded discussions and my first written final. I’m bouncing between the high from my CO weekend to the realization of how much I need to study, half super-relaxed and half feeling stressed. I told Jess that we were going to celebrate little things all week (like her being 1 of 5 out of 10,000 applicants to get an amazing clinical), and I realized today that among the stresses of school and studying and trying to get an appropriate amount of sleep (minimum 6 hours) we have 10,000 reasons to praise God. I call them God-moments, and I think they are worth celebrating. Lillian and I started sending each other the ballon emoji (🎈)when we shared things we were thankful to God for. I love that little red ballon. So, 🎈: warmer weather, passionate professors, presenting our year-long research, a seat on the bus, out loud prayer, sunrise morning runs, eating breakfast at my apartment, 8 mile runs that turn into 10, eating burgers because we crave them, that blue water, 99 cent iced coffees, talking prayer requests while running, being checked-in on by loved ones. 


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