This weekend I went from snow and boots and coats to a dress and sandals    surrounded by my SIB family and dear cousin Casey. It was sunny and warm and we drank mimosas and Moscow mules and crafted and laughed. It was wonderful. Lauren and Ali planned the weekend and made it very special for her. 

It was special that all her friends– childhood friends and college friends and sib family and real family could all meet and love each other and get along perfectly. It was special that we made crafts and sat in the sun and had full hearts just to all be together, so excited for our Casey. Casey is beautiful, intentional, and sweet. She asks good questions, listens with her whole heart and ears, and loves everyone by their love language. Casey is a blessing to all around her, a reflection of God’s love. 

I’m so grateful I was able to grow up with her in my house most summers, playing with beanie babies and swimming in Cedar Lake. And I’m grateful I was able to visit her at college and go to college with her, in the same sorority and sorority family. And now I’m grateful to do life with her over texts and prayers and phone calls from Chicago to Cleveland, (both in MI as much as we can). We also got to grow together through our parent’s divorces , which has provided me with comfort and strength. God knew what He was doing (of course He did, He always does), making us cousins, almost sisters. 

So this weekend we celebrated our dear Casey. Two months until she marries the love of her life. Praises to God for relationships that demonstrate His love. 

Lovely pictures from CO–


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