I’ve been reading such a good book lately and I want to scream it is so good. It’s called Genesis. Jess and I started reading Genesis back in October. Then we kind of slacked and did a lot of neuroscience instead. Come Lent, it was her idea to get back on the Genesis train and read a chapter a day together, everyday, no matter what. By day two we failed, but we got right back on and began to get the hang of actually prioritizing bible reading. (Imagine that, look what happens when you prioritize)! So we got back into it at Genesis 13, right where things began to heat up. I would say that things right now are centered on Abram, who becomes Abraham, post-covenant with the Lord. Abraham is awesome; his faith is strong, his friendship with God is intimate.

I really identified with Genesis 19 in particular.  God wanted to clear out the town of Sodom because it was full of evil, but Abraham told God to at least save some good people. Pretty cool that Abraham was comfortable enough with God to question Him and listen to the answers. So anyways, God decides to save a few: Lot, his wife, his daughters, and his son-in-laws. The son-in-laws laugh and do not believe the angel, so they say forget it. The angel told Lot, his wife, and two daughers to flee to the mountains. (Abraham was in the mountains, which was a great place to go, far away from the evil town.) But Lot says “Can’t I just go to the nearby town instead?”. Fine, the angel says, go right ahead.

STOP HERE FOR A SECOND. I think that God wants all of us to run so far from evil things (evil thoughts, words, desires, idols, actions…) and that God calls us all to run up a mountain with His presence and be around people of strong faith like Abraham. But what do we all do (or at least me)? “Can’t I just do that instead“, or “How about here“. Well a nearby town is a lot closer to the evil than a mountain. So why do we settle for nearby towns when God wants us and knows how good the mountains are for us? Back to Genesis, Lot’s wife ends up “looking back” as they escape and she turns into a pillar of salt. I can definitely  identify with Lot’s wife too, making steps away from the world, but just a teensy look back. I am so grateful that does not happen to us for every time we turn and look at the world instead of the cross.

In church we sang the song “Christ is Enough” by Hillsong United.


The lyrics read:

Christ is enough for me

Christ is enough for me

Christ is enough for me


I have decided to follow Jesus

No turning back, no turning back


The cross before me, the world behind me

No turning back


I love these lyrics. I sing them with my whole-heart at church. I love what they mean, and I believe that Christ is enough for me. But, do I live like this? No. This week I was convicted of how I can turn my back to the cross after running after it, even in the same day. Just like Lot, I prefer to go to a nearby town instead of the mountain. Just like Lot’s wife, I turn back.

Another wonderful thing about Abraham is that he messes up just like us. God speaks to Him and appears to Him and blesses Him and helps Him for all the times he messes up, which he does. Abraham is in constant communication with God, has seen and heard God, has a covenant with God, and a strong faith, but he also still lies (twice) about Sarah being his wife because he was selfishly looking out for himself and didn’t believe that God could fully handle the situation. God got him out of it, don’t worry. This happened in Genesis 20. God predicted Abraham and Sarah would finally have a child in their old age. Then Abraham went to a new town and was afraid the king would take Sarah and kill Abraham if he knew Sarah was his wife. So Abraham lied (for the second time), saying Sarah was his sister. But the king took her anyways. Abraham almost ruined God’s plan. You see, Sarah wasn’t pregnant yet, so God didn’t need any one suspcicous of how she gets pregnant. So God told the king Abraham lied, and told the king not to touch Sarah, and made all the king’s women barren until he gave back Sarah. Drastic measures, but that’s God! So the king gave her back to Abraham, and she got pregnant and gave birth to Isaac, just as God said.

Genesis is striking my heart. Thank goodness for study bibles to help point me along, and for the holy spirit to help certain words and concepts jump right off the page.


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