small group

My small group has been an unexpected gift, blessing, and community. When I walked in (late), to our starting point group leader’s Lincoln Park apartment back in September, little did I know the work God had already starting doing in us. Since then, we have had prayer requests (and answered prayers!), Breakthrough serving, brunching, Colossians reading, highs and lows, and churching. And this weekend we found ourselves in a cozy condo in Wisconsin, sitting in couches around the fireplace, having coffee in the morning, and riding chairlifts on the ski hill; worshipping and learning about knowing God and making God known. Praises for getting out of the city for a weekend. I left my iPad and running shoes behind for the weekend and traded them in for skis and and a cozy condo. It was not the ideal no-schoolwork weekend because I had a huge huge group paper due the following Tuesday. (Our group started it Monday, and it still got done).

Ski retreat weekend was wonderful. God’s work in this small group is greater than I could have hoped for or imagined for. I pray as we grow closer to each other and Him that we can share deeply, pray boldly, and encourage each other in our walks with the Lord.








IMG_5537  And pictures from celebrating sweet Emily–IMG_5407




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