long weekends

Now that we don’t have class on Fridays, it feels like a little breather, a little gift of extra time. I love having time to do things, and I think I get over-excited and motivated to tackle to-do lists with so much time, but it’s also so good for me when I use the extra time to sleep in, to change routine, and not bounce right out of bed for once. My weekdays become very routine– up at the same time, packing running clothes, sleepily walking down our long hallway to turn on the coffee pot, running out the door to the bus stop. But sleeping in and allowing myself rest feels wonderful, different, and renewing.

Add in Martin Luther King’s birthday, and you have a four-day weekend, which Jess and I took full advantage of. Lots of running, studying the hip at her work, seeing our friend’s play, Genesis-ing, and more gossip girl. It was finally above 30 degrees, warm enough to run outside, which I did all weekend. Love city running, seeing the skyline in clouds and sun, post-sunset and as the sun rises.

Thankful for time to rest, for sunny runs, for soul-filling weekends.





aaaand proof of our rest:



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