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What is your sweetest/richest/most beautiful moment of 2014?

Standing next to Emily as she said I do. Being her maid of honor was one of the most special things I’ve done.




The Chicago Marathon with my mom.



What was an unexpected gift of 2014?

My time in St. Joseph. It was hard, but it forced me to be alone and be still. I watched a lot of gossip girl, but I also finished a book on listening to God speak and felt His presence in so many sunrises and sunsets, in my patients, and in the lighthouse.




Park Community Church and my small group


What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve learned this year?

That God is present everywhere, and we need to be still to hear Him.
That sometimes we need life’s frustrations to throw us onto the word of God.
That I have a God-shaped hole in my heart that only He fills; which I am reminded of daily when I realize all the temporary distractions which do not.
That we are to encourage others as they encourage us, to love and be brave.

What was the most difficult thing you experienced this year?

Physical therapy school! Got through by prayers and texts and classmates and my dear mother. I also had such a wonderful Michigan summer which I am grateful for, and my mom and I got closer.

I am again reminded how God does things greater than we can ask or
Imagine. Prayers for 2015 to be more growth, and being still, and being brave, and remembering to live loved.


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