it’s break


I’m on the bus home as I write this, my nails are navy, and I’m so looking forward to being home after 11 weeks straight in the the city.

Praying about being brave– Jess wrote brave on this purple band (from asparagus), and it helps a teeny bit to remember this concept that we’re working on, praying about, trying to live out.


I’ve been trying to be brave in my friendships and prayers and in the stressful setting of school, but I think I’ve been getting it wrong. I haven’t felt brave at all because I cried both after church and after class. I either do so much school it makes me mad or not enough and then I am stressed. I try to be good and say “no” to give myself sanity and rest, but I might be saying “no” too much. This week I was mad at myself for being too into my papers that I neglected Jenna (on her 25th birthday), and then I was mad at myself for not being thorough enough in my papers because I had an incorrect citations (twice). Then I was mad at myself for staying out until 2 am on Thursday night (but actually not at all because that was so fun). So now I am here, on a bus to first see Emily, then go home to my cozy and teal house and hopefully snow.

Praying on the whole bravery thing, what it looks like, why I should be brave. It all comes back to living loved with my identity rooted in The Lord. And I love wearing this word on my wrist.


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