keep trying

Lab for our musculoskeletal dysfunctions class involves demonstrations and then practicing skills, and quick-to-discouragement for me. I never get it right away– the hand placement, the force, the purpose. It takes me quite a few times, or a couple weeks. And during my last practical my professor told me I was giving way too much force. Oops. We have these amazing adjunct faculty that come in from the clinic to help us learn. They are all so great, so eager, so helpful. And one in particular, seems to be my little encourager. She is acting out God’s love and encouragement and hope to me, even if she doesn’t realize it.

On Tuesday we were learning techniques I couldn’t get, and she walked me through it, told me to keep trying, and kept saying “Don’t get discouraged.” It’s not fun to continue to not get it. And this one professor was insistent I keep trying. She came back for the next demo, and again during Thursday’s lab, and Friday’s lab. All of a sudden Jen (seat buddy and roommate) and I got each other to pop. A few times, for a few separate techniques. Getting a “pop” deserves a happy dance, and high-fives, being proud of our persistence.

Again, a re-occurring theme in my life lately, having someone tell me that I could do it. , and then I did. That encouragement is enough what I need. It reminds me of a story from Shauna Niequist’s book Cold Tangerines, when she writes about encouraging her camper in a swim race. Her camper is getting tired so Shauna swims next to her (if she touched her to help her, it would disqualify the camper), and she tells her she can do it. I need people swimming with me, and I do have this, through friends, family, classmates, even professors. Thankful for encouragement. Most importantly, I have this in Christ when I seek out that truth of His power in me, my identity in Him.


Side note: this was one happy, lovely moment amidst a terribly stressful week. (Just acknowledging that it’s not pearls and feathers over here, this stuff is hard). I would say this week was terrible– it got freezing cold (under 30 degrees) and I found out I did bad on an assignment. But also, it snowed for the first time this week, Jess and I got our first peppermint mochas of the season, and our small group started. So praises for sweet things among the busy and stress.






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