being brave


Sometimes we really really really need to write a paper, but instead we stay in bed until 10:30 then wear groutfits to the store and make french toast. This was one of those days.

Sometimes I read blog posts there make my heart so happy, and this was one of those blogs. Sarah Bessey wrote about being brave, and living loved. And I sent it to Jess and she liked it too. You can read her wise words here.

So Jess and I were blog-smitten, and we talked about radically resting, living loved, encouraging each other to climb mountains, choosing bravery over melodramatic self-importance. This sounds wonderful, but the hard part is doing this among our busy, go-go-go grad school lives. But that is also exactly why we must. We need to be brave enough right now, to draw so near to God and pray bold prayers and show ourselves grace and be aware of the peace in God’s presence and lift each other up and think of others before ourselves.

So we are trying to be brave, and now all we read or hear about seems to be bravery. New theme? God is speaking and we hear Him.

Just one of my favorite parts of her post:


Besides wearing a (baggy) groutfit in public, this weekend was also Friendsgiving with my small group. I made mashed sweet potatoes and we gathered at Emily’s cozy apartment in Evanston for fellowship and turkey. It was wonderful. Then at church the next day we sang about Christ being the solid rock we stand on. And my heart is filled. Now, more papers, but right now I’m so thankful and filled.


And my paper still got done. It was uploaded yesterday.


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