Last year seemed to be about learning to live alone, because, well, I lived alone and had no other option. As I transitioned from from living with five of my friends in our huge house by the train tracks on 15th street to my tiny studio on Delaware, last year was about being still and centering my heart, with lots of worship music and candles and coffee. And when I slowly started forming friendships with people in my class, and I met other Christians, I knew God was meeting me right where I was in this cold city.

But compared to last year, this year seems to be about fellowship, friendship, and connectedness x5000. Because that is what has been taking up my time and energy. Jesus is showing up right in the middle of these friendships and it’s the sweetest thing.

Last week after I finally submitted my case study, we found ourselves sitting in my room, painting nails green (for ninja turtles, obviously), and reading Genesis, talking about creation, then praying. Then I was on a run with another wonderful classmate and we talked prayer requests and progress and the hard things, just like that. Nothing sugar coated. God showed up (and shows up) and ran (and runs) with us. My weekend was spent going from cozy apartment to cozy apartment to cozy house, talking and studying and drinking and eating with Jess. It hailed/kind of snowed on Friday and we were so cold and wondering why it hailed/kind of snowed in October. We may have had some tequila before 6 pm, and then stayed in Friday night. Both great decisions.

I haven’t slept in my own bed in 3 nights. And today I woke up in Lincoln Park, in Monica’s cozy new apartment, covered in blankets that I apparently hogged because Mon kept her windows open all night and Chicago tends to be cold. It was her first night alone in her apartment, and her first morning of work. I slept over and we read Cold Tangerines and prayed before bed for God’s strength in her transition. Before that, I studied with Kali and Jess for our cardiopulmonary practical, and then we got tired of doing that, so naturally, we watched two movies. Two.

some pictures from last week —

law library exploring
Monica’s roof


Lincoln Park walks

Ninja turtles in class



Spontaneous costumes




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