snowballing, but …

This school to do list is never-ending. Constant study this, write this, hand this in. And I’m going on week three of it. If I think too much about it’s stress stress stress. My roommate described it as being in a snowball sliding down a avalanche getting more and more covered in snow, but compact snow, not fluffy powder. What a visual. But the in-betweens and the soul-filling moments of the week– fall colors, running again, splitting wine while writing papers, and so much pillow talk. Decreased sleep but connecting across state lines with Jared over 6 am prayers for strength and perseverance. Writing Psalm 16:8 on paper for Jess so that it stays on the forefront of our minds. Writing names down of who I connected with in my starting point group to be in my small group. Finally downloading an app to text (text!) with Jackie in South Korea.

So all of that, among all this school stuff. These things that fill my heart are so much more important. So I’m thankful. Grateful.

And then the roommates and I got out of the city for the weekend. We drove three hours north into Wisconsin for a weekend of leaves, Lake Delton, wine tasting, movies, a fireplace, and sleeping three to a bed. Again, among the large to do list, this time with friends is way more important, more special, more worth brain space.

These smiles are our we’re-missing-class-smiles !!!














Here we go, snowballing into week 8.
Week 8 needs constant prayer and reminders of His peace.


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