getting the hang of it

This week was our first week of exams, with two back to back neuroscience exams. So we studied all week, drawing, explaining, memorizing, staying late at the library.

But Tuesday was Coley’s birthday so we adventured to Eataly and had red wine and salted caramel gelato for lunch. And it was wonderful.


Wednesday at small group we talked about
Joy in our walk with The Lord, that we have joy because of Jesus, and lack of joy may be, well, an area with lack of Jesus. On the cross we are justified in our faith because of Him, and we are daily sanctified through the Holy Spirit. Daily. Naturally, joy should flow from our hearts because our hearts have God. So filling to talk and pray with this group.


And Thursday morning this was our kitchen table– coffee and scripture. Kali and I took a moment for coffee and prayer before we went to school early to study. Prayer is our peace, which reminds me of my dear friend who told me this week that among her frustration, prayer feels good, and right, and that is so beautiful.


Then Thursday evening this was our kitchen table again — but with more people, and red wine and candy corn m & m pretzal kisses. (Yes, and our iPads since we were doing an assignment).


Praises for the in-betweens, the reasons to praise Jesus, and for these friends to do grad school with. I titled this post getting the hang of it, because I feel like I really am getting the hang of it, studying but with breaks, friend time and small group time, and almost getting 7 hours of sleep.

Praises praises praises


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