marathon week


I’ve been training for the marathon for six months, and it’s tomorrow. I trained for this race in Chicago and Traverse City and St. Joesph and Charlevoix, so many miles, those crazy (non-refueled) long runs, and a tight piriformis. Julia and Lindsey and Katie accompanied me for part of my long runs this summer, and Kyle and Jackie and Kat and Jess gave me advice about training, refueling, what to wear, little tips. Niketown has its marathon gear in, and I went in and got a shirt and zip up today, but I refuse to wear them until after the race. My sweet friend Coley got me marathon goodies, a shirt, headbands, and so much goo. She was so thoughtful to do that for me.

This week was wonderful– took two days off, and my longest route was six.
Taper week was always my favorite, when it became time to taper for high school states or MIAA conference. And now I’m tapering for the Chicago marathon. My first marathon in my emerald city.

The expo was fun and got Kat and I more excited! My mom came down with gifts of goo, gummies, arm sleeves and spandex. She even somehow knew to get me salted caramel goo which Kat recommended! It reminds us of our favorite dessert from TC, which will help me push through while running.

So thankful for the prayers and encouragement and support from everyone. One of my marathon verses, Psalm 18:32-33:

It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; He enables me to stand on the heights

Thankful for my desire to run, my passion for running, for strength and endurance from The Lord during my training. He sustains. Glory to Him.





Every mile will be magnificent, right ?


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