the view from here


The view from here, Sunday studying in my bed, candle lit, listening to Sidewalk Prophets, thinking about my weekend. This weekend, I swear I made no plans. Then, I worked with the child I volunteer with, and studied with Jess at her apartment because we didn’t want to go to the library, and then there was a surprise party for my dear friend Jenna’s engagement, and a friend from college (who never comes to the city) was in the city for the first time in a year. So plans formed, I felt busy, but busy with great people and happy things with lots of laughing. Plus also some other things, like me realizing how great it was to see and run with my friend, and being scared of feeling that way. So after my Saturday, it felt necessary to just sit here in my bed. And pray honest prayers to God, asking for clarity and guidance, to hear His voice, acknowledge His power, asking for Him to guide my thoughts, for parts of His plan to be made known. Prayers for endurance in my studying for two neuro exams on Thursday.

So the view from here is trust in God, peace and comfort in His steadfast and nearness, by taking my current confusion, wondering, hoping, and placing it at God’s feet, keeping eyes on Him, through being still with Him. And being thankful for talks and tears and prayers with my roommates, phone calls to my mom and Emily. The view from here is peace because of Jesus. For that I am so thankful.

Celebrating Jenna —






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