Traveling. I’ve been on planes since I was little, when our flight routine was driving so early to the airport in Traverse City that we counted how many blinking yellow lights we had. We always got breakfast at the same place during our Detroit layover, and always got to Florida tired and happy, where we would settle into our condo with pizza and a night swim. My brother and I always alternated the window seats and aisle seats, my mom always sat in the middle. I love that my mom traveled with us, and took us to new places, and I love our travel memories, the three of us.

In college I went on two mission trips which were my first times flying without my mom, and I remember the airport reminded me of all my family travels. And this weekend was my first big solo trip– to Denver, CO for Ali’s wedding.

My first time with ticket-buying, and online check-in, and then there was an intentional fire started in the Chicago air traffic control tower Friday morning and my flight was cancelled. So, I improvised. I took the megabus to Grand Rapids where I was greeted by Anne (my sib baby) and Nessa into their cozy apartment over Grand River. I got to catch up with them and sleep with my baby in her big bed. She gracefully drove me to the airport where I flew to CO to be greeted by Krissy (my sib mama).

We drove into the mountains to Evergreen, CO, where the girls wore coral and the boys wore navy and Ali was beautiful and elegant, with a loose bun and a teeny white flower crown. And then I talked and danced and laughed with Krissy and Casey all night. I fell asleep on the ride home back to Denver. Which I love. I love that it is a little city, with neighborhoods and outside eating, and then it has view of the mountains. Mountains and city, just missing water. They took me to breakfast at Snooze before dropping me off at the airport. So thankful for the opportunity to witness and celebrate Ali marry Chris, to hug her and dance with her, to watch Chris spin and spin and spin her. I’m grateful for all the dancing with Krissy and Casey (and their fiances); the five of us had some crazy moments, and really loved that the DJ played Shake it Up twice. These girls were my SIB life, they were who taught me about friendship, and prayer, and intentionality, and spiritual growth. These girls are so special to me and I loved holding their hands in a twinkly barn in the mountains this weekend. Yes, I didn’t get much studying done, and yes I have laundry and a long run and grocery shopping and food prep to do today, but eh, that can all wait. Because friends are worth the flights and money and fun and decreases productivity. (My mom also encouraged this and paid the remaining balance from the flight cancellation, so thanks to her).














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