jars of clay

God is showing up and answering prayers. Little prayers, big prayers, things I’ve been thinking about, He is there. Kali and I have been doing nightly devos, picking scripture and praying through it, and our theme has been God as our strength and peace, to center us admist the overwhelmingness of classes and studying and our insecurities, such as comparison and worry. Every night, we stop what we’re doing and take it all to Him. We’ve focused on 2 Corinthians 4:7.

”but we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that His all surpassing power is from God and not from us”.

We are the jars of clay, His instruments and vessels, in which He shines His light, our treasure, that shines in the darkness. Through this, this reveals Jesus, spreads His love and grace, and produces thankfulness. I was having a difficult time one day with my usual school issues of stress and comparison, so I wrote this verse and set it on my mat-table for a visual, concrete reminder of His truth. It reminds Kali too. And when you draw near to Him, and are aware of His presence, His treasure, His spirit, it fills. It overflows. We’ve prayed for appreciation for our professors and this program, and seriously this next day I found myself very thankful for our orthopedic professors without even trying. God moment, He is working in us even when we don’t realize.

God has also showed up huge at Park church, same church but now different campus. I decided to switch to the Lincoln Park campus because it is closer to my new apartment, and the Starting Point Group times were much more convienent. I was a little weary about starting over at a new campus, but then I realized I hadn’t really gotten plugged into Near North campus. I prayed for guidance and just felt that Lincoln Park would be my new place to plug-in. Alison switched with me, and I instantly felt peace once we sat down last Sunday. After service I signed right up for Starting Point Groups, met my leader, and even filled out that card that newcomers are supposed to fill out. Then I had Jenna over for dinner on Monday and told her about it, and she wanted to come to, so she did. And Wednesday was perfect—a room full of 30 Christians looking for community and worship and more Jesus. I’m so grateful for this new opportunity and for what God will do in our groups. Jenna came with me to church today and her and her boyfriend loved it so much they are going to switch for good. Park is such a great place. Another reminder that sometimes you have to step away, move places, be a little uncomfortable. Create space and opportunity for God and he shows up in ways that are beyond any expectation or thought. He is just that great.


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