red wine and city streets

Back in the city! Our drive began in a crazy thunderstorm and going back to the house after four miles because I had forgotten to put my rings and necklace on. As we were driving I was fearful to check future cities weather because I feared the storm wouldn’t let up. But around Cadillac, I checked Grand Rapids and Holland, and they were both sunny, no rain. So my mom and I had hope and the rain and storms quickly became sun. The sun became humidity and I moved into my non-air conditioned apartment sweating bullets. Kali was there to help and we appreciated the extra set of hands. I unpacked as much as I could and then the three of us, Kali, Jen, and I ran to catch our bus to meet my mom downtown to walk to Quartino. Quartino was perfect. This little Italian restaurant on State Street, we drank red wine and brushetta and pasta and pizza, with so much laughter, and ending with dessert, hot chocolate cake and raspberry sorbet. Surrounded by buildings and taxis and storm clouds, we sat outside under an awning and our evening together was great. I said bye to my mom on the corner and was so proud that she knew exactly where she was, my mom is such a Chicago girl. I pretended I was seeing her the next morning so that the goodbye wasn’t so sad. Good yes with her are always so tough, and it stings thinking of our past 4 weeks together.





We skipped off to Jen’s brothers apartment on the 30th floor for rooftop wine before we headed back home to sleep in our apartment for the first time, the three of us.





Yesterday I went to an NU football game just because. There were no points scored. Boring! That will be my one football game of the year.



I do love this city. I love long runs on Lakeshore and the excitement of learning more about pediatrics this semester. I love bright lights and the skyline from all views. I love that I love with these friends of mine and am so thankful.

And now– back at Lake Michigan, praying about my second year, my apartment, my sweet summer, my full heart. Current prayers have been centered around this idea of creating room and space for more God, less me. And the new bible study my mom and I are doing together targets just that! Excited to grow in the Word with my mom. Praises for sunshine and ending my first weekend back at Park Church.




Show me your ways, O Lord,
Teach me your paths.
Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my savior and hope is in you all day long” Psalm 25:4-5


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