third trimester

So I realize I have not blogged in a few weeks. I am now three weeks into my third trimester, which is crazy. I actually finally now feel like I am in pt school, which is wonderful. We started our neuroscience sequence this quarter, which I super-love, and I have a practical in the morning on sensation testing! I have such a desire to go into neuro, and as I learn and study it just feels right. (and when it is hard I remind myself I have to know this to work with pediatrics). The reason I haven’t updated the blog is not because I am super busy with school, but because I have had a few wonderful weekends of celebrating people in my life. Filled weekends means filled weekdays of work, which is SO worth it. First I got to spend the weekend at Emily’s parents for her bridal shower, and last weekend I got to be apart of my dear cousin’s engagement and celebrate Mother’s day with my lovely mom. Both worth the travel, worth the lack of schoolwork on the weekends. I took this weekend to capture my to-do list and prep for the next three weekends: a bachelorette party, my cousin’s wedding, and Emily’s wedding. So excited!





So thankful for friendships more and more. This trimester Jen and Kali and I have done everything we said we would- watch Mean Girls on its 10 year anniversary, study at the beach, have a cinco de mayo get together, have sleepovers, watch bachelor, find an apartment.

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I’ve joined a women’s bible study at my church that is focused on the story of Gideon, a warrior in the old testament. His story is short, and only fills three chapters in Judges, but his story focuses on his relationship and trust in God throughout his life, how he came to rely on God’s strength instead of his own weakness. It is a seven week study and after week one I am so excited for the weeks and learning and growth to come. I keep finding myself craving and excited to do each days work, wanting to remember the day prior and keep praying through what I am learning. I’ll be journaling more specifically about Gideon in the weeks to come. I ended up sitting alone at church on Sunday until a woman I met at the Gideon study sat in front of me and invited me to sit with her. It’s so nice when people reach out and invite you in, even if its just a seat at church. I felt welcomed and loved and I told my mom and she said the same thing happened to her. God is looking out for us, right with us. We don’t need someone to sit with each week, but this week we were both reminded of inclusion and grace and comfort and we found ourselves praising God together.


The sun came out for real this weekend, which meant tan-lines from my runs. I’m not sure if it was the sun, or my half-marathon in two months, or the view, but something in me wouldn’t stop running this weekend. On Saturday I ran 11 miles and on Sunday I ran 12 miles. Just because I could, because I wanted to, because I loved it. I remembered to bring my iPhone to capture spring in Chicago– the green trees, the white and pink blossoms, tulips everywhere. I always love the change of seasons, but something about this season-change is pure glory. Maybe because this winter was long and cold and nicknamed Chiberia, and maybe because the trees are so green, but I find myself smiling at the trees and the blossoms; clear signs of rebirth and new life and growth.


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I’ve also started doing short morning runs during the middle of the week when I lose time and energy to go 8 miles all at once. So I’ve been running 3 miles at 6am, and 5 o 6 miles at lunch. Once I peel myself out of bed, I love getting out on the lakeshore that early– its quiet and reflective and the sun and waves look different every morning.

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SUCH a long post. That’s what happens when I don’t blog weekly. But I am finding myself so especially thankful for all of this. Thanks to my dear friend Jackie whom I email back and forth with, for reminding me to blog. Love you Jacqs! Come back to the US now– look how pretty it is.


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