for my mom


Sunday was Mother’s day. I gave my mom a card I found at Papyrus that told her thank you for always making me feel loved. She (of course) had a card for me too, that said how she loved being my mom. Perfect example of my mom– on Mother’s day, she gives me a card. I also gave her sea-salt caramel chocolates from Trader Joes because her sweet tooth comes out at night. I am so happy I got to see her for Mother’s day. We spend our Sunday morning at brunch with her sister and my cousins and both their fiances, and then we drove down to Chicago on the sunniest day of the week. We then walked to church, down my street and through the park. We worshipped together and ended our night over bleu cheese pizza and wine at the restaurant down the street. Not wanting our time to end, I joined her in her hotel room and she read a book I had given her while I read for school. She fell asleep reading, I didn’t. 

My mom is the strongest woman I know. She gives and gives, of her time and energy and love. She gives words encouragement, she gives her presence, she gives support, she gives advice. She shows up in the lives of others and spreads some of God’s love and grace. My mom humbly trusts in God, sees His little blessings and miracles all day long and gratefully thanks Him for each one. I have been recently homesick for time with her, and my classmate told me that it is a wonderful thing to have a person and place to be homesick for. I agree. It is. It is a beautiful thing to have someone so special in your life that you miss them. Mom, you are my friend, my support, my encourager. You are a woman of God, a blessing to others. You are loved by so many, you are more than enough.




Mom, thank you for being my mom. Thank you for raising me. Thank you for continually showing me God’s love. I am grateful for you. I am grateful I got to see you last weekend. I love you. 


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